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Shopify: What Your Business Needs to Know

Shopify Overview

What Is Shopify?

At its core, Shopify is a platform that allows merchants to sell their products online. With an advanced website customization suite and a versatile mix of selling options, Shopify is a streamlined way to sell physical products, tickets, consultations, classes, rentals, and more.

Today Shopify is a bustling marketplace with over 500,000 active stores running on Shopify, altogether accounting for over $40 Billion in sales from millions of shoppers worldwide.

How Does Shopify Work?

Shopify is considered by many to be among the easiest and most accessible digital platforms for business owners trying to set up shop online. For a relatively low monthly rate, sellers are able to customize an online store, post their products, quickly promote on social media, and even gather valuable customer analytics. The easy-to-use software is an affordable and convenient solution for independent users, small businesses, and enterprises alike.

Why Small Businesses Should Care

As a small business owner, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities if you are not selling online. Although brick and mortar stores are pivotal in the modern economy, shifting markets are placing increased emphasis on virtual storefronts. This transition was made even more apparent by the recent global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Business owners who do not make the transition could put themselves at risk for losing customers and clients. Shopify is now quickly growing, with thousands of new shops opening every day.

Closing Remarks

At the end of the day, Shopify is an easy and convenient way to transition conventional product or service-based businesses into the online realm. We strongly encourage business owners to consider making the leap - the end result could lead to substantial business growth and, in the long run - to your financial freedom.

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